Sheridan SDNE Capstone

Welcome to the Sheridan Software Development and Network Engineering (SDNE) Capstone Wiki!

Here you will find lots of useful information about the SDNE Capstone courses. As this site is new and constantly evolving please check regularly for updates!


  • INFO34049 - 5th Semester SDNE Capstone Prep course.
  • INFO39014 - 6th Semester SDNE Capstone course.

Potential Projects

  • Industry Projects - Brief descriptions of (2017) projects from some of Sheridan's industry partners.


  • Hardware - Are you interested in using some hardware (development boards, Arduino, etc.) in your project? We have some hardware available to help!

Technical References

Development Tools

  • Sheridan Microsoft Imagine Premium - provides Sheridan students and faculty with free access to all of Microsoft's developer tools including Visual Studio and SQL Server
  • Doxygen - great tool for automatically generating documentation from source code.
  • Tortoise SVN Client Software - convenient Windows Explorer based SVN client software
  • Open Icon Library - free and large collection of icons to dress up your applications
  • Bitbucket - provides support for private version control, issue tracking and a project Wiki. It is free for groups of 5 or less and allows both Git and Mercurial repositories.
  • GitHub - provides free version control, issue tracking and project management for open source projects. Paid private plans are also available here.
  • Microsoft's Visual Studio Online - provides support for version control, issue tracking, collaboration, unit testing, agile planning and more! It is free for all groups of 5 or less.
  • Google Project Hosting - provides free version control, issue tracking and wiki for open source projects.

Project Management Tools

  • Asana – easy to use, web, iOS and Android compatible
  • Trello – powerful, visual, easy to use, free portal with customized iOS and Android apps
  • Pivotal Tracker – even more powerful portal with customized iOS app but more difficult to use

Project Ideation/Formation

  • Freemind – Open source mind mapping software
  • Xmind – The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool according to Lifehacker

Free Hosting

  • Capstone Virtual Machine - every Capstone group can request a free Virtual Machine (Linux or Windows) to host their own site, database, etc.
  • Google Project Hosting- free hosting for Open Source projects.
  • AppHarbor - fully hosted .NET Platform as a Service. Free for basic plans.
  • CodePlex - Microsoft's open source project hosting web site
  • myASP.NET - free for small sites with one small (100MB) SQL Database and MySQL Database. Offers WebDeploy for easy deployment in free plans too!

Paid Hosting

  • myASP.NET - Very affordable and developer friendly! Also have free hosting for small sites as described above.
  • GoDaddy - one of the biggest web site hosts with low prices and great support.

Sheridan References

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