INFO34049 - 5th Semester SDNE Capstone Prep course

Welcome to the Sheridan INFO34049 Computer Systems Technology (SDNE) 5th Semester Capstone Prep Course

Here you will useful information about this course. Requirements and due dates as communicated by your professor will take precedence over this website.

Course Background

INFO34049 is the first of two Capstone courses in the SDNE curriculum. This course is of fundamental importance to the curriculum for the following reasons:

  1. It leverages and reinforces many of the core concepts in the SDNE curriculum in a practical way
  2. It provides a great opportunity to work on a “real” software development project as part of a team
  3. It lays the foundation for the semester 6 INFO 39014 Capstone course

Course Objectives

In this course, each Capstone group will:

  1. Select a Capstone Project and compose a detailed Project Proposal
  2. Investigate and document the project’s requirements
  3. Formulate and document the project’s design
  4. Build a UI prototype for the client to review
  5. Code a key feature
  6. Compose a Software Development Plan and Project Plan for their semester 6 INFO 39014 Capstone work
  7. Hopefully have lots of fun!

Class Plan & Regular Meetings

Your professor's Class Plan provides a detailed weekly breakdown of course content and deliverables. This wiki lists instructions and rubrics for all deliverables.
Your professor will meet with your team regular during class time. These meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss project issues, receive feedback on completed deliverables and direction on upcoming deliverables.

Deliverable Instructions & Course Evaluation

Week Number Instructions and Rubrics Weight
3 Project Initiation Document 5%
7 Research & Requirements Document 15%
10 Functional Specs Presentation 15%
13 Project Plan 10%
13 Prototype Presentation 20%

Please remember to:

  1. Review the instructions and rubrics above for each deliverable
  2. Submit each deliverable to SLATE assignment folder.
  3. Ask each group member to complete a Peer Evaluation Form if you and/or your group is not satisfied with the performance of one or more group members. The forms should be completed privately and submitted individually to one of your instructors. The results of the peer evaluations will then be considered in determining the grades of each group member.

Course Tools

Each group will be able to choose its own tools to complete the required deliverables in this course (development tools, GUI mockups, GUI prototype, etc.). References to some recommended tools are provided on the Start page of this Wiki.

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