INFO39014 - 6th Semester SDNE Capstone Course

Welcome to the Wiki home page for the INFO39014 Computer Systems Technology (SDNE) 6th Semester Capstone course! Here you will find some useful materials for the course.

Course Background

INFO39014 is the second and final Capstone course in the SDNE curriculum. This course is of fundamental importance to the curriculum for the following reasons:

  1. It leverages and reinforces many of the core concepts in the SDNE curriculum in a practical way
  2. It provides a great opportunity to work on a “real” software development project as part of a team
  3. It provides a tangible demonstration of student learning in the program

Course Objectives

In this course, each Capstone group will:

  1. Develop a working final system using multiple sprints
  2. Test the final system
  3. Deploy the final system
  4. Demonstrate and/or present the system to the Capstone faculty at the completion of each development iteration
  5. Hopefully learn a lot, have lots of fun and deliver a great product!

Class Plan

The Class Plan provides a detailed weekly breakdown of course content and deliverables. Links are provided to access detailed instructions and rubrics for all deliverables.

Meeting Schedules

Meeting schedules will be discussed in class and posted to this Wiki and/or SLATE if necessary. These mandatory meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss project issues, receive feedback on completed deliverables and direction on upcoming deliverables.
Please check regularly as these schedules are subject to change.

Meeting Minutes

It is expected that each group will take detailed meeting minutes to capture the proceedings and actions items of each meeting with faculty.

Deliverable Instructions & Course Evaluation

Week Number Description/Instructions/Rubric Weight

Please remember to:

  1. Review the instructions and rubrics above for each Iteration/Deliverable carefully before starting your work!
  2. Submit each deliverable using the appropriate SLATE dropbox. Late submissions will result in a penalty of 10% per day late.
  3. Ask each group member to complete a Peer Evaluation Form if you and/or your group is not satisfied with the performance of one or more group members. The forms should be completed privately and submitted individually to one of your instructors. The results of the peer evaluations will then be considered in determining the grades of each group member.

Course Tools

Each group will be able to choose its own tools to complete the required deliverables in this course (IDE, Programming Language, Frameworks, Components, etc.). References to some recommended tools are provided on the Start page of this Wiki.

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